Art and Design Careers

We all are living in the dynamic and fast moving world where constant technological developments in communication and media has created new career opportunities in art and design industry. It won't be wrong to say that this current dynamism is standing firm on the pillars of ideas, creativity and imagination that have further broadened the scope of making career in art and design industry. Today if we carefully look at the present situation, many young students are looking forward to making their career in the art and design industry. These days many universities and colleges are offering art and design courses and helping students improve their creative skills through a 'hands on' approach using different materials. This study of art and design at different universities is surely a unique educational experience and can be very beneficial for you to explore artistic aptitude in the context of a wider cultural and creative arena. So, if you are thinking to develop your creativity and planning to act as a key person in order to contribute to this art and creative industry, here are some of the top art and design fields, you can choose from:

Audio Production- Today the audio production career outlook is expanding and many firms and organizations are requiring a sound production related technician in order to fulfill sound effects and music seamlessly into the project. No doubt, the career outlook in audio production seems to offer a great potential to make great salaries. Offering higher salaries in comparison to the other common job, it is one of the few professions that even help you to work in the entertainment and other related creative fields. The opportunities are nonstop like you can be a game audio designer, a programmer or a key technical member of the sound production team.

Photography- In recent times, with the growth of advertising along with fashion boom, photography has turn out to be a great profession with more commercial value. It is one of the few career options that offer a great way to enjoy your passion towards photography and earn a decent salary. The profession is not merely about liking to take snaps. In fact, it is a career that can offer you thrilling job prospects, with a diversity of opportunities in different areas like - fashion photography, sports photography, event photography or even studio photography.

Fashion Design- Fashion designing is yet another one of the most exciting career options in today's art and design industry. If you have a deep affinity for creativity, originality along with unique style, this field can be ideal for you. The profession offers ample of opportunities to work in different areas like fashion management, fashion accessory design, fashion marketing and promotion of brands. However, it is important to note that the career in fashion design not just involves interacting with famous celebrities, but it even offers a drive to the creative elegance of the people who actually enjoy a sense of style.

Graphic Design- An intense aptitude to study and know what customers require and the ability to transform those needs visually is the key role of graphic design. So, if you have a talent to play with colors, shapes, and create different & unique layouts then it is always better to use these skills in a graphic designing career. This is one of the few occupations that provide you with an opportunity to create a brand or idea through visual layout. Attaining a degree in art and design with specialization in graphic design can help work in corporations and advertising firms.

Animation- Today animation is one of the fastest-growing and most rewarding career fields in art and design industry. Emphasizing on various styles and techniques of animation, the career provides the best platform to work as an animator in different sub-fields such as video game animation and video & television production.

The career options in art and design is very vibrant and endless, but these are just some of the best career fields that can help you enjoy the right career-path in art and design industry. Nevertheless, before you choose any of these fields, it is very important for you to select a program or a degree in art and design with specialization in that particular field. Earning an art and design degree with a specialization on particular field can actually help you make a decent earning.

Today definitely, art and design industry is very competitive yet rewarding. It is easily possible to follow various different career paths and earn a good income by performing a freelancing assignment of being employed by a company.

Art And Fashion Teenagers

Fashion can be very well considered a form of art as through it one can express your feelings and your personality. But how can a teenage girl decide what is best for her to wear? And for that matter how can older women do it?

This actually depends on a number of things starting with the personal style, favorite materials, patterns and colors and last but not least the budget. Every one of these things is very important and not to be taken lightly. When you are young it is particularly difficult to decide what are the clothes that best suit you and what you should wear and when. However, you may receive a helping hand from your mother or at least from the multitude of fashion blogs, magazines and TV shows.

One of the basic things that every young girl should learn is that there are some rules to clothes combining. For instance, the three color rule: try to create outfits that have three basic colors; five or more colors will only make you look like a parrot. Also, combining patters like a zebra print with a leopard print will only make you look silly.

Also, there are some basic clothing items that every woman should have in their wardrobe. For instance, some with shirts, a blazer, a pair of jeans and some high heel shoes can help you combine and create some great outfits. Of course, some teenage girls are luckier and they figure out their style faster than others. For instance, Jane Aldridge (Sea of shoes blog) is one of these girls. She not only has a great fashion taste but has learned how to make a profit from it.

Fashion is something relative that depends greatly on the above mentioned factors. One should not consider that fashion trends are written in stone especially when they change from season to season. This is why it would be better to only choose the clothes that make you feel better and only consider the trends as mere guidelines.

Art and Seventies Hairstyle

 Seventies hairstyles have been creeping back into popularity recently. Not just women's hairstyles, but men are also jumping on the bandwagon, with a resurgence of hairstyles like the good old mullet. Ladies can really go to town with full on coiffuring to get the seventies look. As the blow drier was invented by Corsair in the 1970's, this was quite a revolutionary time in terms of hair fashion. People were given more control on how to blow their hair in the direction they wanted it to go in the seventies, hence bigger bouffant styles on women and for men a tendency to grow the hair a little longer and give it a few flicks and lots of body.

The seventies was an exciting time for hairstyles and fashion in general. Coming straight after the sixties there was an attitude of freedom of expression, resulting in, to say the least, some very avante guarde looks and daring experiments with hair, color and cuts.

If you want to picture the hair of these times, think of Abba and Charlies Angels, glamour was most definitely IN and hairstyles reflected this by becoming very styled, shiny and decorated with ornaments like head bands etc. The plaits that were popular in the sixties carried over, but were woven into fringes and subtly added to long sleek hairstyles. Short hair in the seventies included bobs and bangs, choppy layers and lots of definition.

Seventies hairstyles now, in the present day, incorporate all the glam and revolution of the 70's but with the superior styling abilities of hair dressers in modern times and the tools available to them, the 1970's look has evolved into something that however retro, actually looks very modern.

Use ceramic straighteners to get that smooth, ultra straight look, clip on a skinny plait, if you are not over 30 you can probably carry off a very seventies center parting and if you are a guy, well grow your hair and get some shapes involved in your look. From the classic mullet, to a good old short back and sides. The seventies was fun and seventies hairstyles demonstrated that, bringing new possibilities to everyone.

Art and Fashionable Hairstyles

Fashionable Hairstyles For 2008, Still have the same haircut you had last year, and the year before? Maybe it is time for a change.

This year wild and crazy hair is still in. What's good about a wilder hairstyle is that because your hair doesn't have to be tame and symmetrical, you can do your hair very quickly. This saves time and you don't have to worry as much about keeping you hair under control through the day, as your hair is supposed to be out of control!

The hottest new trends are hairstyles that are considered "emo". The hair that most "emo" kids have is very fashionable and you don't have to be part of the genres culture to have the stereotypical hair. Wild colors, long bands, short backs, and wild highlights make up your average emo-cut. This style looks good on anyone who is adventurous and wanting to express themselves.

The hair has been around for awhile now in various forms but over the last year it has exploded in popularity, and if you act now you can still capitalize on being one of the first and most daring to join in on this exciting new trend.

Choosing your hair really isn't as easy as going to the salon and asking for an inch off and some trimming like this or that. You need to source pictures of hairstyles you like, and than go to the salon with these in hand.

Choose a quality salon, or find a local hair school in your area. The stylist attending these schools have practice sessions, and they, while still in school, are still leaps and bounds ahead of the so called stylist in your local strip mall.

Don't live with outdated hair any longer. Go find a new fashion, whether in a magazine or on a website, and head over to a quality salon!